Full Tilt Poker Shut Down – Find Out Where To Play Now

Full tilt poker once had one of the fastest growing poker rooms online. At one point considered to be one of the best online poker sites.  If you have have been involved with the poker world and full tilt poker for a while chances are that you will remember the day that has now become called Black Friday. That was the day when the  US government took full tilt poker down. Black Friday occurred on April 15th 2011

Full tilt poker had been around for years  before Black Friday events  The feds closed full tilt poker down. Today the industry is stable once again and many new sites have sprung up. Still, players need to be careful where they play. Our team has researched  the new offerings and have selected a handful of  websites that you can feel safe and secure using. Whether your preference is Texas Hold Em,  Stud or if you just want to learn How To Play Poker, we have the resources for you right here. Also if you are   into tournaments we have you covered. When the US government finally took full tilt poker down, many players were left high and dry. Fortunately things have stabilized now and there are many new options available, let us help you find what you are looking for. We provide you with safe & secure poker sites, tips and info that help you along the way.

Non compliance of  US government rules brought Full tilt poker down. Players all over the world have to be careful where they play. We do the hard work checking and double checking. We look closely at every site and make sure that their operations comply. Strict compliance with the law will always ensure that players are safeguarded and are not affected as the supporters of full tilt poker were.

If you are a serious poker player you want to play the game you love in an environment that is safe and secure. You want to be sure that you play at sites that have been researched and tested and you want to avoid the pitfalls encountered by players who supported full tilt poker.

We have gone through the scores of established and new poker sites.  Each site has gone through rigorous testing, each site we present to you is also in full compliance with all the rules, regulations , restrictions and laws in their jurisdiction. These are  the best sites to player poker. Sites that do all in their power to avoid the mistakes full tilt poker made. Despite all of the problems caused by the events that brought full tilt poker down, the online poker industry is once again whole and growing. What those events showed is that no company, not even full tilt poker,  is to big. Any website that does not pay close attention to the rules and regulations that govern  the industry runs the risk of becoming a target of the law. Full tilt poker proved that beyond any shadow of a doubt.  We always promote safe and secure game play, why not check out our  US Poker Sites and UK Poker Sites page. Also  you can visit our Texas Holdem Poker page for information on the most popular version of the game. For more information on Black Friday and the effects of the events of that day visit  our Poker stars article.

When playing online you don’t want the problems that those who supported full tilt poker had. You  want poker rooms that are safe and simple to use, not sites that make the same mistakes that full tilt poker did. You want to be immersed into online poker as soon and as safely as possible and we can help you do that. Have a look around and try out one of the many room we offer.

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