PokerStars – Poker Stars Not Accepting US Players

 Back in 2011 pokerstars was one of the biggest online poker card rooms in the world. While poker stars had merits in many aspects of poker. The events of black Friday, where the US government took pokerstars down  really put a bump in their poker road. On April 15th 2011 otherwise known as black Friday the US government took Pokerstars down along with Full tilt poker.

They seized the domains of their web sites causing the servers to go off line. They also blocked accounts of the company making any payouts impossible. Millions of dollars were taken by the government due to what they deemed to be illegal activities of Pokerstars.

Online gambling has been effectively banned in the US since new laws were enacted in 2006.  Poker stars fell under that jurisdiction  with the passing of the new bill.  The US government believes these web sites ignored the previous warnings of  prosecution while their money making gambling activities continued on US soil. However their threats were not heeded and the US government swung into full action against Poker stars .

Poker stars  later released some information in an attempt to reassure some of their players. Stating that any cash outs would take several weeks as they would have to set up a new processor to process the cash outs because the government took poker stars down. Poker stars were also blocked from  sending player to player transfers. That meant friends on poker stars would have to seek other mean soutside pokerstars. About a week later there was more pokerstars news. It was announced that poker stars  had regained it’s domain back. The Department of Justice reaching an agreement with pokerstars and full tilt. The bad news was they were of course no longer allowed to have US players play for real money.

When the government took pokerstars down it left many players frustrated. Players across America suddenly had no where to play the game they loved online. Things have stabilized since then . Today many new companies are operating but players have to be careful to make sure they comply with all regulations. You don’t have to spend countless hours online searching and testing though. No we are here to do just that so you can do what you want to. Play poker.

Security and compliance with the laws of the countries you operate in are really important when running an online business or web site. This of course is especially so when the huge sums of money are involved. We have compiled a list of sites that comply with any laws of the countries players reside in.  We also offer various great UK Sites and US sites to you.

The last thing you want is the law stepping in on your  poker games or the government stepping like they did with poker stars. Players choose online poker for privacy and security we provide sites that respect your privacy and give you a secure environment to play in. The pokerstars news is a timely reminder that all players need to be smart.

We offer a safe and private environment along with lots of helpful tips and advice . Let us help you with all your  poker gaming needs. Check out our other articles on Poker Rules so that you can be as smart as possible when it comes to the world of online poker and make the best decisions.

The poker stars story serves as a reminder  to all players and site owners. We all need to pay close attention to the rules and regulations of the country that has jurisdiction. That’s why we take the time to go through the hundreds of sites to make sure you don’t fall into the same problems of past pokerstars players.

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