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Cake Poker


  • Excellent security. Great freeroll system, Great game play and welcoming environment. This is one of our favorite poker rooms.


  • Not much to complain about.


Cake Poker Information

Cake Poker

Cake poker is a member of the cake poker network which has been around for more than seven years. The Cake poker network is an established player in the industry and offers players the peace of mind that comes with playing on a network that has a proven track record. Choosing cake poker is a smart option for new and experienced players alike.

Cake Poker Review : Site Traffic
Cake Poker has a moderate amount of site traffic when compared to some other rooms. At peak times player numbers are around 2000, and at all times there is a consistent flow of players in the room.  The amount of traffic on the site may seem low when compared to large poker sites but it is important to consider that in poker , bigger is not always better. Past problems by some of the biggest players in the industry clearly demonstrates that fact. The moderate traffic flow gives the room  a very comfortable and welcoming feel. The management wants to keep you as a customer and they show it with the care that they take to make you feel at home once you choose to visit the room. The flow of traffic is stable and consistent, and at all times players are able to find tables that are well populated, and people who are ready and waiting to play.

Cake Poker Review : Security
Security is critical in online poker and every play must pay close attention to this feature.  Cake poker  is the main brand of the cake network that has been around for years, and they have built up a reputation in the industry for safety and security. The security team at cake poker carefully monitors the rooms 24 hours a day. They monitor the room for unusual activity and actively search for signs of bots. The site also provide extensive information on their security that is available for anyone to review.

Cake Poker Review : Skill level
In general the players at cake poker are moderately skilled. Many tables are ten dollars or less and overall most of the players are what the industry terms as fishes. In the poker industry expert aggressive poker players with a very high skill level are called sharks.  Players with a lower skill level are often reffered to as fish. That does not mean that these players are not good, what it means is that overall a majority of the players are not professional players or experts.

Cake Poker Review : Download
The poker download at cake poker is one of the best anywhere. The quality is excellent, the images are beautifully rendered and they use 3D models that help invoke a feeling of realism.

Cake Poker Review : Support
Cake poker offers email support with a quick turn over time.

Cake Poker Review : Bonus
110% sign up bonus up to $600. Cake poker also has one of the best freeroll systems in the industry and they give away thousands of dollars to players.   CLAIM BONUS NOW

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