Colt Poker

Colt Poker


    Less traffic and moderately skilled opponents mean that there are lots of opportunities to win.


    With all that they offer and the $600 bonus there is not much to complain about


Colt Poker Information

Colt Poker Review : Traffic
Colt poker is a part of the well established cake poker network of poker sites. It has a moderate level of traffic and its flow of users is stable throughout the day. At peak hours Colt poker has about 2000 users and even during off peak hours there are many players to be found at the tables of Colt Poker. Playing poker at a smaller room has many benefits for users. Because the number of players are smaller customer service is better because there are less people to manage. Also a smaller flow of traffic means that its easier to ensure safety and security. The biggest benefit of playing in a smaller room is the fact that the management will go out of its way to make sure you stay and come back again. If you are new to playing online it’s hard to find a better place than Colt Poker

Colt Poker Review : Security
Colt poker features a robust set of security features that are designed to protect the interest of all players in the room.  They also closely follow all rules, regulations and laws that govern the game online. Their strict adherence to poker and online gambling regulations means that players who use Colt Poker rooms are assured that they are also in compliance with the law. The events of Black Friday shows the importance of strict compliance to the law, and players here have the peace of mind of knowing that they are with a reputable company that is part of an established network. One with sound financial policies.

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