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HiLife Poker


    Part of an established and trusted network of poker rooms. Excellent security.


    Most players are moderately skilled. This fact can work in your favor especially if you are a new player because it allows you to play for real money with players who are still at your level


HiLife Poker Information

HighLife Poker 
Highlife poker is part of the cake poker network that has been in the industry over 7 years. They have built up a solid reputation that is difficult to beat, and Highlife poker leverages all the benefits of being a part of a solid and established network to deliver a solid and robust platform to you. With Highlife poker you get all the benefits of the cake poker network and the confidence that comes with it.

HighLife Poker review : Traffic
The traffic at highlife poker is moderate but consistent throughout the day. While the amount of users is not massive it is solid, stable and consistent throughout the day. At any time players will find rooms that are well populated and tables with opponents ready and waiting to play. The lower traffic also  makes the room feel welcoming and comfortable.  Thats a big plus for new players or those just learning how to play poker. The management seeks to attract new players everyday and a lower traffic flow means that once you come into a room they will take care to ensure you feel at home. The welcoming atmosphere extends to others as well and all in all highlife poker is a great place to play.

HighLife Poker Review : Security
HighLife Poker features the same excellent security that the cake poker network has become known for. The security team actively monitors the various tables and rooms 24 hours a day. They look closely for any signs of questionable activity, and are always vigilant in looking after the interest of the players who have chosen Highlife poker as their room of choice. That’s one of the benefits of playing at an established smaller room. The management goes out of its way to ensure that you are safe secure and that you stay is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

HighLife Poker Review : Skill Level
The majority of the players at HighLife Poker are moderately skilled. The moderate skill level of the majority of players means that the initial learning curve for people who are new to online poker is low. New players are not overwhelmed because most of the tables are populated by players who know the game and understand it but are not poker professionals.

HighLife Poker Review : Download
HighLife Poker uses software that was designed by the team at the cake poker network. That means that the software is of the highest quality. There are no garish colors and the the design is professional and detailed. Crisp sharp graphics and 3D touches top off an excellent offering.

HighLife Poker Review : Support
 Robust 24 hour email support together with a comprehensive on site FAQ.

HighLife Poker Review : Bonus
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